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thank you for a great football season! I made so much money with your picks. We only had 3 or 4 losing weeks all year and I cant count how many times I collected this year. It was amazing! I cant wait for the playoffs and next year! Keep in up!

Bradley K.
Lawrence, Ks



Wanted to thank you for your honesty and up front way of doing business. The fact I dont have to guess which package is "hot" this week and which picks are doing the best is so nice. Everyone getting the best plays ALL THE TIME is great and all I have ever wanted in a handicapper. Your best effort every week! You have delivered all year long and signing up for your service was the best decision I could of made. Have a great 2018 and keep up the good work!

Don H.

New York,NY


Fat Jack Sports Service,

I am a member of 3 services and YOU far out preform them all! Your consistency is what is amazing! Even on a down week, we dont really lose! Our winning weeks are great and I am driving my bookies crazy! At this point, I am not sure why I am continuing with the others but I am a client of yours for life! Thanks for everything and have a great new year!


Clark H.
Reno, Nv



Thanks again for a great year! I cant say enough how nice it is to have someone that is honest and a winner! Keep it up and Merry Christmas! Happy New Year and Heres to a great 2018! Boomer Sooner!!

Keith S.

Tulsa, Ok


Thanks for the picks this season. I have been with other guys and still get calls daily from guys trying to get my to sign up with them but I just tell them, I found the best! This is my 3rd year with you and you dont disappoint. Your worst month is better than their best one! Keep it up and merry Christmas!

Chris L.
Denton, Texas


Please let me know the next time you are in Vegas. I would love to buy you a drink to thank you for all the money you have made me! You are truly the best there is and your honest approach is unmatched in this shady town. So nice to be able to trust a WINNER!

your faithful client!

Harvey M.
Henderson, Nevada



Thanks for everything so far this year. You have had a great year and I just wanted to say thanks! Cant wait for the rest of the season and 2018! Keep up the good work! You truly are the best in the biz!

Hunter A.
Baltimore, Maryland



I signed up late but I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your transparency. Win or lose, you post you results. We didnt have the best week and I was wondering if you would put the week up. You did! Im impressed! I see what everyone is talking about and now just need you to get hot again! Its good to know that win or lose, your honest. Lets get going! 

Brendon K.
Kansas City.Mo



What a bad mistake! I was with you for the first 3 months of the season. You made me over 15k. Then I signed up with another service and he has lost most of my money! Im a fucking idiot! Please tell your other guys that you are the real deal and not to be a dumbass like me and listen to an idiot who can sell! I will be back but its going to be a couple weeks. Stay hot!

James M.



I just wanted to thank you for the great year. You are one of a kind. I was with another guy for the last 5 years and all he did was promise me winners and lose week after week! YOU promise honesty and consistency and all you do is keep winning! Month after month! Its been ridiculous! Even on the bad days, you stand up up and admit it! Thats what I care about. You are a class act that tells the truth and has talent. Glad I finally found you. Have a great holiday season and good luck in the bowls! Keep the winners coming!

Gary S.
Noble, Ok



When do your bowls come out? I cant wait! I started as a $200.00/game player and now am up over $10,000.00 this year and playing $500/game! IF the bowls are anything like the regular season, its gonna be a great Christmas! Either way, you have a client for life! You are the real deal! 

Edward S.
Pittsburgh, Pa


Fat Jack,

Just wanted to drop you an email thanking you for the great month! I am up over 20k the last 6 weeks all from your picks! You are killing it and I am so excited I finally decided to give you a try. Keep it up! 

Peter M.
Las Vegas, Nevada



Thanks so much for the great picks! I have been a part of a lot of services but never seen anyone win at the rate you win! You consistently beat the book and I have made a ton of $$ thanks to you! When I started, I was just trying to have a little fun but it has turned into a second source of income. I'm a believer! Keep up the good work!

John G.
San Diego, Ca

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Weeks like this are why I continue to sign up year after year for the last 15 years! You ALWAYS come thru and I am glad to be a client!

Daniel D.
Little Rock, Arkansas



Brent K.
Philadelphia, Pa



You knocked it out of the park yesterday!!  I had a 10 team $50 parlay yesterday with your seven picks and I played UAB,Texas am , and Arizona which pushed for a $15k win.  Also had each one of your games for $500.
Jose P.




Monty, M
Lawrence, Ks



I have gambled on sports for 25 years and always thought all handicappers were crooks. My friends told me about you on our trip to Vegas so I thought I would give you a try. WOW! Jack, I am impressed. Even on an off week, you are honest and really good. I cant believe the consistency and lack of bad picks. You clearly are different and I am a believer. You are different. Sign me up for the rest of the year.


Ronnie F.
Kansas City, Mo


I finally had to give you a try. My other handicapper just cant seem to win again this year. He is a great guy but enough is enough. You have won all of my losses back and I am now up on the year. Thank you so much! I was getting ready to stop for the year but not now! Ready for November! Lets GO!! thanks Jack!

Greg M.
Brownsville, Texas



You are the man! What a great year so far! I have won every week! Cant wait for hoops to start. Cant believe it took me this long to sign up! Keep up the good work.

Stanley L.
Dallas, Texas


10-3 DUDE!!!!!! WHAT A WEEK!!!!! I just got home and had to write you a thank you note! I took 5k with me to Las Vegas and after we won Saturday I said WTF and bet it all on YOUR 4-0 SUNDAY NFL!!  JUST HIT THE HOUSE WITH $47,000.00!!!!!! I parlayed them and bet them straight!! I know you say not to do that but I only get to Vegas a few times a year!! Going to get a new car tomorrow!!!!! Cant thank you enough!!!

Forever a client and grateful!!! 

Daniel H.
Phoenix, Az


Fat Jack

Just got back from Vegas and wanted to thank you for your picks. I go twice a year and take your picks each time. You NEVER let me down! This time I told my friends to join me and they scoffed. I won 10k and they came home broke! I have got to find some smarter friends!! LOL! Thanks again!!

Mark M.
Houston, Tx 



How the hell do you do it! Keep it up man! I have never seen anything like your picks! We are KILLING IT! I am collecting EVERY FREAKING WEEK! I heard you were the man and dude, YOU ARE! 

Greg L.
Norman, Ok



Great job so far this year! I have made so much money with your picks and just wanted you to know. I am sure you get a lot of shit when you have a down week so I just wanted to tell you how great it has been being a client of yours this year. One winning week after another! I cant believe how much money I have made. Thanks again!

Rance K.
Branson, Mo



Is there a time we could meet for me to give you a gift? You have made me so much money this year so far I feel I want to show you how much I appreciate you. I live in Vegas and know you are here a lot. Please let me know when you can meet. I can never repay you for what you have done for me as I have made well over 50k since September 1st with your plays but I want to give you a little something. Keep up the great work. Im a client for life! 

Barry O.
Las Vegas, Nv



How much more for the elite picks? Your picks are incredible. Not even close so far. We havent had a losing day and over a week and I had to find a new place to bet. After September, my bookie said he had enough. I bet with that dude for 10 years and now that I;m winning, he QUIT ME! Whatever! Its a good problem to have. Lets keep going and let me know about the elite deal. I am signing up for hoops anyway so I thought the Elite might be a good deal for me. You are the best!

Chris H.
Miami, Florida


Dude you are on fire! another winner Monday night! That was sick! The free bases are undefeated this week.7-0! I am up over 10k in the last 3 week with you. I cant thank you enough! Cant believe you are this good but keep it up!! I am a believer.

Jeremy M.
Rancho Heights, Ca


What a great month Jack! My guy is so mad! You just keep winning and the NFL has been ridiculous! KEEP IT UP BRO! Thanks for everything,! So excited about October!!
Ray F.


No baseball package my ASS! You are killing the bases! If you dont want to charge for them, thats fine by me but we are making so much money! I have made more money with your baseball plays than I did all of last year on my own. Keep it up! Cant believe it took me this long to find you.
Brian D.


What a start! I know you cant win every single day but WOW! I am a believer! Keep up the great work! You are the man!!
Ray R.


Thx brother for the great weekend! I missed your 5-0 Friday because I got into Vegas late but I am still up over $1000.00 on the weekend! You are the man!  Sorry I'm not in a position to buy your season package, but if I ever get there and decide to bet everyday, I'm totally using you. I tell all my friends about you. You are the best there is and it isnt even close! 

Chris S.
Oklahoma City, Ok


Sign me up Jack!! 

This is my 14th year and I knew it was time to get signed up because one of the other slime bags in your business called me today and told me I needed to sign up with him! LOL! Where do these guys come from? I asked where I could go to see all of his picks posted that every client gets. He gave me some BS and I hung up! SIGN ME UP JACK! Ready for another great year!  Please send the prop bets when they are ready!  Those have been money over the last few years and Im going out for the Mcgregror/Mayweather fight to bet your season prop bets!

Ready for another great year!!

Randolph A.
Austin, Texas


Jack, Bro the summer has been so great and I wanted to say thanks! Not sure you hear that enough but you are the best there is! I have been with a lot of handicappers over the year and it isnt even close! The free baseball has been sick this summer and being a client for the last 3 years has made me so much money! I went from struggling to made rent to buying my own place with the extra money your picks are making me. The move to Vegas was the best thing I ever did and my success is owed to you! Keep it up!

Lenny W.
Las Vegas,Nv



Thank you for the baseball plays! We are up so much this summer! I know we arent suppose to play a lot on the baseball plays but I am bored and have been betting $500/game this year on the bases. Dude, my account is up over 20k since MAY JUST ON THE BASEBALL! Thanks again, Cant wait for football!

Ronald M.


Thanks for another great year! I have been a client for the last 6 years and will continue signing up because you are truly the best there is! Good years and bad, I know you tell the truth and always are going to outperform other services No hassle and honesty is worth ALOT in your business. OH, and the consistent WINNING AND MONEY DOESNT HURT EITHER!!! Cant wait for football season! Have a good summer!

Casey H
Montgomery, Al



Thanks for the picks last week!! I took 1k to play with, followed your suggestions and came back with 4k!! paid for the entire trip and put money in my pocket!!! I tried to tell my friends to follow your plays but they are idiots and lost all of their money. Pretty sure they are believers NOW!! LOL!! I cant imaging going to Vegas without your plays!!  Thanks again!!

Terry S.
Amarillo, Texas 



There are no words. Some of your winners are ridiculous! How do you do it? We have had a really good year and I wanted to thank you for making my gambling experience so much fun! I always lose and it was a blast to consistently win! Thanks again! I will talk to you the next time I go to Vegas! 

Eric N
Yukon, Ok 



There is a place in hell for some of these lying handicappers out there! You are truly one of the only ones that is HONEST and can WIN!! I am so tired of hearing from some of these guys. I really appreciate you telling it like it is! WIN OR LOSE! I have made SO much money with your picks over the years and you posting BOTH THE GOOD WEEKS AND THE BAD ONES for everyone to see on your website makes me realize how honest you truly are. Thanks for everything and good luck in March Madness!

Raymond B
San Diego, Ca


Fat Jack

Why is it that other handicappers dont get  their clients the same picks? You give all of us the same plays?  I have friends that signed up for the year and I pay weekly and we all get the same games. I dont understand why all the different picks from the different packages from these other services! We all just want the BEST plays and that is what you give us. THANK YOU FOR BEING ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS!

A client for life!!

Jimmy V.
Chicago, Ill 



Happy New Year!!  Thanks for another good year! 2016 was a winning one for me with your picks. You had some good weeks and some bad ones but overall another winning year! I appreciate all you do for me and your honesty is unmatched in an industry that has a lot of crooks!! I get calls every week from guys wanting me to sign up with them and I always tell them, Im with Th Fat Jack!

Walter H.
Hays, Kansas



I have been a client for 10 years now and wanted to finally drop you an email and thank you for all of the years. This year has NOT been our best but that is what has been so amazing about it! It has been a decade of WINNING betting on football! I found myself being upset I wasnt winning MORE! While my friends are all losing and having to stop playing with Christmas coming, I am only UP a few 1000 bucks on the season. The bowl season is here and I am ready for a huge one. Just wanted to thank you for what I have gotten use to. WINNING WITH THE FAT JACK! Keep it going

Tyler P.
Okc, Ok



I have been with a lot of services but your honesty and transparency is amazing. Even on the few weeks we didnt win, you went on with Soren and LEAD IN WITH THAT! WHO DOES THAT? LOL!! Of course, the very next week you made me 10k with my man and I was laughing all the way to the bank! It has been amazing being a client of yours and I am so excited about the rest of the season and beyond. You are a different kind of handicapper and I am a true believer!

Ray L
Kansas City, Mo



Thanks for a great start to the season. September wasnt as good as last year but your consistency cant be denied! You got it going AGAIN and I am KILLING IT!! I am having a hard time collecting and wondered if you knew which place online was the best at paying quickly? These are good problems to have, I know! In the past, I was thinking about quiting this time of year and now I am needing a new place to play because I am WINNING TOO MUCH!! You are truly the best!! 

Brent L.
Brownsville, Tx.


Jack, NOBODY HAD CLEVELAND!! How did you know!?!? I would LOVE to know your secret because that is straight up incredible! Denver in the Super Bowl, Nova in the NCAA finals and NOW Cleveland!! You are truly the CLOSER!! Thanks so much for selling your picks! I wouldnt believe it if I wasnt a client.

Terrance M.
Detroit, Michigan


WTF, YOUR NBA IS RIDICULOUS!! I never thought someone could make money betting on the NBA but YOU CAN! NOW, I can!! Keep it up!

Stanley L.
Boston, Mass.


Fat Jack Sports, please tell Jack I am so happy with my decision to sign up this year. I started in late September and as of today, I am up over 10k with Jacks picks. By far the best year I have ever had playing the games. I am buying new patio furniture for my wife with some of the winnings and she is now a believer!! Have a great spring and thanks again!  

Ronnie F.
Hollywood, Fl.


You suck! APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!! Jack, You are the MAN!! What a great run over the last couple of months! The NBA plays were the best I have ever seen and I didnt think I could make more than I did during football season with your plays but they just keep winning!! Please keep up the good work! I am upping my bet!!

Vince M.
Little Rock, Arkansas


Jack, what a GREAT MONTH! I made more money in February then I made ALL YEAR playing my other services plays! I am sold! Thanks for everything and I am looking forward to a long relationship with your service! Best investment I ever made!!

Danny R.
Providence, RI


BACK ON TRACK!!! I made over 5k in Vegas this weekend with YOUR football and hoops plays!! I honestly feel stupid for ever coming out here and NOT getting your picks!! You have paid for my last 5 trips out here and I cant thank you enough! You are the best!

Manny R.
Lincoln, Nebraska


Jack; Just a quick note to say WOW, here we go again with another killer start to the season. To anyone out there who wants to make money please sign up with Jack. I have been with him over the past years and make money every year. Follow his plays and bet the same on every game. Don’t triple up to catch up, just follow his plan. I made over $20,000 dollars the last two years and I am up over $2,500.00 through three weeks. Jack knows his stuff. Great start Jack.

Edmond. Ok

Guys, I wanted to thank you for another great year! I have been a client of Jacks for 10 years now and continue to be amazed with the results. Have a great summer and talk to you in the fall!
Markus F.
Dallas, Texas

FJ, What a year!! You are the best. I had heard about you for years and am SO glad I decided to sign up. I have NEVER won as much as I did last year and I have you to thank! Sign me up for everything thru the '16 Super Bowl. Keep up the great work!!
Bryan B.
Wichita Kansas

Fat Jack, Wanted to take a minute to let you know how impressed I am with your service. When you WIN, you say it. The few times you lose, YOU SAY IT! Honest beyond what I could of imagined. The fact we won this year was icing on the cake! I am looking forward to the new year and continued success.
Kurt M.
Santa Monica, Ca.

Jack, I want to personally thank you for one hell of a bowl season. You have been spot on most of the time, I just wanted to let you know this is the reason I pay for your sercives. Thanks, Curtis B.
Houston, Texas

Jack, I tried basketball for the first time and it was not my thing. However, I would be interested in the baseball, college football/NFL thru superbowl. I have to say Jack in my 30 years of betting you are one of the best I come across. I will be one of your regular clients. I agree with you that people who bet have to judge within their means and you cannot have all winners it part of gambling but you are one of the best!!!
St Paul, Minn

Jack, I want to sign up for March. You made me so much this football season, I figured I would try you for March hoops. IF you do 1/2 as well in hoops as you do in football, I will sign up for the rest of the year in hoops. Thanks for everything this year and lets go get em! 
Steve G.
Austin, Texas

FJ, just wanted to drop you an email thanking you for the football season! I bought it because you sounded honest and I never imagined you would hit at such a high clip! I was just looking for honesty and SOME PROFIT. NOT losing was the main goal. YOU far exceeded my expectations. You are the man! Talk to you this summer and will be ready for the fall!
Melvin B.
Baltimore, Maryland

Dude, WTF?!?! HOW DO YOU DO IT? Who the hell has OU in the Sugar Bowl?!?! I have had the best season ever and it is all because of you! Playing some of these plays hasnt been easy on my end but I guess that is why YOU are the expert. The hoops selections have been simply unbelievable! Thanks for everything and have a great Super Bowl!
Stanley R.
Bakersfield, Ca

Fat Jack, what a great football season!! I have NEVER had as much success as I have this season! You seem to never have a losing week! Collecting is sooooo much better than paying and I just wanted to thank you! Happy New year and keep up the good work!!
David L.
Raleigh NC

11/9/2013 Jack great job! Leaving Vegas a winner all because of YOU. Your picks rocked! Never leaving to Vegas again without your stuff! C. Stazic Kansas City, MO

Jack, GREAT START!! You picked up where you left off after the double Super Bowl win! Thanks dude! Sign me up for the rest of the year and lets kick some ass!  
San Antonio,Tx  

KABOOM! Jack, GREAT WEEKEND! I paid for the service fee and then some with Saturdays profit!! Keep it up!!  
Terrance P.
Las Vegas,NV  

Jack, I’d like to thank you for the picks during my Las Vegas trip last weekend.  Having you on my side was like having a big brother sitting with me staring down the bully that had been picking on me for years.  I had given up on betting on sports because it felt like I was cursed.  My friends would actually call me and ask who I liked and then bet the other way.  J I like your system and would like to get the best deal possible that would allow me to win through next year’s football season.  I don’t have to sign up today if that package is not available now. Thanks again for your help!
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dude, how do you do it?!?!?! I have never seen anything like it but you have made a believer out of me and my wife! The best money I have spent is signing up for your hoops service. Thank you !! 

Don and Debra Moore
Cleveland, Ohio


Jack, thanks so much for a GREAT Super Bowl! We were in Vegas and KILLED THEM WITH YOUR PICKS!! Baltimore and OVER made me $4000.00 and your hoops another 2k over the weekend!! Not bad for a $99.00 investment!! I will be calling next time I go!!  Keep up the good work!!
Ben P. Portland, Oregon

Fat Jack, you are the best! I have 3 services and you are far and away the most profitable and most consistent capper I have ever seen. I have paid a lot more for a lot less and I have never been happier with a sports investment! 

Barry S. 

Jack, I didnt want the new year to start without me telling you how thankful I am for your service. After the run around and ridiculous promises I have gotten from some other services, the honest way you approach sports wagering is incredibly refreshing and frankly, PROFITABLE! 2012 was my best year ever and I am really looking forward to a huge 2013 !! Thanks, Benji
Seattle, Washington

Where have you been the last 20 years?? YOU ARE FREAKIN HOT MAN!! I joined a couple of weeks ago and I have already paid for my season service fee and 2 trips to Vegas with my winnings!! Keep up the good work and I am going to tell everyone I know about you. 
Larry S.
San Diego, Ca

I AM THANKING YOU THIS THANKSGIVING WEEK!!!! You have made the last couple of months the most enjoyable I have ever had playing the games! Keep it up and happy holidays!!  Ben L. Miami, Florida

Jack, I could not be more impressed with your service! The high level of professionalism, your low pressure style with me and your winning 0x0.000005p-1022re all unequaled in your business. I have been playing for over 15 years and this is by far my most profitable year. The best investment I could have made was in your service. Thanks so much.  

Milwaukee, Wi.

Jack, I would like to start off by saying thank you for a job well done!  Alot of guys offering services such as yours aren't always honest and are quite frankly shady. I am a local okc guy so I hear you on the radio from time to time.  I like the fact that you are honest about wins and losses. And I never get calls from you that are threatening or rude like your east coast competition.  Now the reason for the email. When does my package expire?  Am I through the NBA season?
Thanks again,

Jack, I have loved being a part of your system this year! Your honesty and more importantly, your talent has made this the best football season I have ever had. Your hoops picks are AMAZING!! I cant thank you enough and look forward of years of winning selections!
Atlanta ,Georgia

Jack, this is my first year with you. It has been successful, I should say very successful, anytime you’re in profit. There were times I must admit that I was hesitant about your plays, however at the end of the year it was alright. I did add some of my plays as we went and I also had a good year. I think depending on your research and consistency gave me time to settle on just a few games and research them. I wanted to say thank you !!

Jack; I just want to tell you how much I truly appreciate these picks. I have won so much money in the past month it is crazy. I love two team teasers and have fractured my bookie over this time. Even on some of the games we lost I hit the teasers easy. The best thing I did was sign up and you are awesome. Thanks a ton for all of these fantastic picks.

To: <[email protected]>
Thanks for all the great picks I will for sure be back next football season but for now i am done after the bcs champonship. Thanks again you are a true pro in my book.

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